Conservarea meșteșugurilor tradiționale ale Rromilor din Harghita

Asociația GelemGelem Harghita

Asociaţia pentru studii și formări profesionale


The association Gelem Gelem of Harghita was founded in 2014.


The association's main goal is - to develop and implement strategies and programs in the areas of social, medical and educational assistance, community development, as well as to encourage the participation in social life of the members of the Roma communities and to foster a sense of social solidarity.

Activities carried out in 2014

In compliance with the objectives and tasks of the association set out in its articles of association, in 2014 we have organized the International Day of the Roma in Harghita County.

The International Day of the Roma in Harghita County 2014 - was organized on April 8, 2014. The event was meant to convey a message of tolerance, multiculturalism, an evidence that the Roma community in Harghita County exists it has a cultural and linguistic presence and wishes to become an equal partner, respected by the other ethnic groups.

The activity was meant to be a signal to the entire Roma community and especially to its youth that they should boldly take on their identities as Roma and prove that they can be model citizens of this country and of Europe, observing its laws and values, so that we can change the negative image that sometimes accompanies us.

Partnerships of the Gelem Gelem Association of Harghita:

  1. The Harghita County School Inspectorate – RSDF (Romanian Social Development Fund) project "Synergies for the future", titled "Educational support for disadvantaged children”

  2. The Art Association of Transylvania -project submitted to the National Cultural Fund, project name: "The city”